Gorgeous Mom

Vita gave me a call out of the blue, asking if I have the time to shoot her, her team and her family for her multinational company’s profile. It was for the next day! While the place and exact time haven’t been decided yet. And there’ll be about a dozen people. Doing group shot isnt […]

Harley Davidson

I always admire this particular kind of motorcycle. It’s big and beautiful. And at the same time, so manly. When I shoot for HOGS magazine, I enjoy seeing more of Harley Davidson cycles and people behind them. The way the modify their rides like crazy, also showing how much they love their Harleys and make […]

Long Hair and Its Grace

The last time Neni cut her hair was 2 years ago. Since then, she’s so determined in keeping her long hair smooth and graceful. It seems tiring with all the conditioners, hair masks, tonics, vitamins, and God knows what else. But she enjoys every minute of the treatment session, and very very proud of the […]

Chacha – One Pretty Baby Bookworm

Chacha, my niece, came to spend a few nights this holiday. She’s a completely shy bookworm. It’s hard to keep her away from books, and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to make her pose in front of a camera. But somehow, we manage to make her convinced, that she’s very pretty! With make up on, she doesnt even […]

Lia and Danu Wedding : A Color Distortion

I never signed anything, but I think this is when I was first dragged to be their personal photographer. This couple is a great friends of mine, who hardly say anything nice about me. They can fight with each other, but they surely makes a perfect team to against me. [sighed]. A photographer would have […]

C.L.B.K – Cinta Lama Bersemi Kembali

Aww.. The title is the term in Indonesia for “Old Flame”. Teti and Rachman had been married for 14 years. Blessed with three kids, of 13 years old daughter, 12 years old son, and an almost 2 years old baby girl. “We fight everyday! Also this morning,” Teti explains the frowned face on her husband’s […]

Dita, Cat Mom of Two

Dita is only in her twenties. The sweetheart in her family. Easy going and fun. A year ago, she got herself two cats. A pair of persian cats, Choppy (male) and Hippy (female). This girl who still in the university pursuing her dream to be a doctor, always wanted to have a picture of her […]